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A departure, arrival and state of limbo, captured in artworks that blend the way we look at the world. During a 6 month period I traveled to new worlds, discovered unknowns and confronted myself as I worked my way through the jungle of ego.  An introspect into perspective, what do I see in these abstract forms in front of me, why do I see it the way I do? Like a maze that only makes sense from above, I’ve constructed artworks that made a period last forever and only show their true meaning after the fact. I witness the fragments put back together, to keep myself in the now and never forget.

About the V style:

A visual experiment, using self-developed techniques to get an unique result. In a search to showcase my journey, my shattered self, I recomposed the colorful view of the path I'm on. Questioning what digital art & photography can truly offer, creating works that can’t be recreated and becoming perhaps a new way of looking at digital art. This limitation is what inspired me to explore further and really find ways to push what I could create, visually the new, protected by its own conception.

Part of the Collection:

Going Through - Precious Times - V • Series I - V • Series II

Digital Photography Artwork ( Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta )
May 2020
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