Going Through

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Going Through:

As an iteration on the style, I focused on bringing that into an experimental video experience. Using the colors, edit and flow to visually drag you into a world open for your own interpretation. The essence of my work here isn't following the classic rules of cinema, but to create my own. I felt lost, so with my stance on cinematic rules, I could translate my feelings into film art.

About the V style:

A visual experiment, using self-developed techniques to get this unique result. In a search to showcase my journey, my shattered self, recomposing the colorful view of the path I'm on, questioning what digital art & photography can truly offer. In a quest to really create something unique, these artworks are created using my own technique which prevents me recreating the work. This limitation is what inspired me to explore further and really find ways to push what I could create, visually the new, protected by its own conception.

Part of the Collection:

Precious Times - Finding New Paths - Express Abstraction - V • Series I - V • Series II - V • Series III

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May 2020


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