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Artist of the experience

“ I wandered into unknown lands & leaped forward, as it’s the only way to make sense of change. “

The domains I work in:
  • Film
  • Photo
  • Audio
  • Installation
  • Sculpturing
  • Design
  • Fashion
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I lose myself in the depths of my fascination with the untouchable equilibrium of not knowing – a moment captured and then swiftly vanished. Life is, at times, as mystic as it is taunting, seducing us with a lullaby of passing time, all while remaining oblivious to the abnormalities visible in that split second.

A product of the nineties and a blend of Eurasian culture, my current artistic practice centers on the passing of time and the fragmented self, the pieces of my identity. More concretely, it delves into the opaque path to clarity, often lost again in a swift motion. I strive to harness this ambiguous curiosity to create, with an ability to express this depth. By provoking the audience to question the medium, guiding them deeper into the multilayered elements, I explore the translation of my own intersection with reality and the concept of time.

Through the manipulation of color, movement, and transformation, I create works that have transitioned from an observer's perspective to an internal expression of the experience of time. Transforming the absence of a grip on reality into works that function as time capsules to a later self. As I expand my array of creative (digital) tools, my field of view broadens, aiding in the search to express my state of floatation.

Anchoring my next leap is the time I’ve invested in developing and understanding my collage technique. This proficiency empowers me to utilize and extract more of the ideas I possess to create installations. Taking the concept of collaging into a physical environment, I bring together conflicting elements, translating my digital creations into reality through exploration of various mediums.

(My Artist Statement remains fluid, encompassing a spectrum of interests, ideas, and experiments. I maintain a broad outlook on the many things I engage with, remaining as receptive as possible to both the known and the unknown.)

Aristo Vopĕnka is an expressionism (transdisciplinary) artist from the Netherlands, currently working out of Brussels, Belgium. His works typically involve a blend of mediums, with a particular emphasis on installations dominated by digital elements, but always pushing the boundaries of what is possible with modern tools.

It's hard to pinpoint when Vopĕnka became an artist since he has always had an innate desire to express himself creatively. From a young age, he discovered the photo camera as a powerful tool for capturing and conveying his perspective on the world around him. In high school, he went a step further and made a short film, which was awarded a jury prize and further cemented his passion for the arts. Since then, Vopĕnka has experimented with various media and art forms, taking inspiration from different styles and cultures as has been looking for new ways to express himself. This journey of self-discovery ultimately led him to pursue a master of art degree from LUCA | school of arts and to co-found DURVYN, a company that merges art, architecture, and lifestyle to create unique, immersive experiences.

In his recent work, Vopĕnka explores the boundaries between photography, illustration, painting, fashion and print. By adopting an experimental approach to these different media, he creates new forms of expression that challenge traditional notions of art. Playing with perception with the power of modern collage, harnessing data in source material to create new worlds. This playful interaction with the viewer forms the core of his current research and main motivation in the creation of new works. His fascination with working with space, light, sound and color constantly evolves to question the possibilities of today's artistic practice.

In addition to his audiovisual work, Vopĕnka collaborates with other artists to broaden his artistic horizons and find inspiration for new works. His portfolio website serves as an attractive platform for galleries, collectors, and visitors to browse his oeuvre and to engage in direct interaction with the artist. Through his expanding body of work, Vopĕnka continues to push his boundaries and explore new terrain.

2024 - Artdoc Photography Magazine | Phantom IV - Creative photography
2023 - MonART III Fox yard Studio | Limacina - group exhibition (Stowmarket)
2023 - Artdoc Photography Magazine | Arabesque - shapes and colors exhibition
2023 - UGC Art Box | Fragments 1 • Silent Memories solo installation (Brussels)
2023 - The Glasgow Gallery of Photography | Color (Glasgow)
2022 - Artlymix | Limacina - Reflexo Exhibition (Sao Paulo)
2022 - Museum Night Antwerp | Maagdenhuis - Revival solo exhibition (Antwerp)
2022 - Art Number 23 Gallery | Athens Open Art (Athens)
2021 - DURVYN immersive art | Revival solo exhibition (Brussels)
2021 - PH21 Photography Gallery | The art of photography (Barcelona)
2021 - Pragmata Collective | Open Fragment Exhibition
2021 - CICA ( Czong Institute for Contemporary Art ) | Over the Structures (Seoul)
2020 - DAGAZ Gallery | Early Dawn 02
2020 - Artdoc Photography Magazine | Japanese Garden
2020 - PinewoodStudios | The Lift-Off Sessions
2020 - Away Art Gallery | Summers Shadow Exhibition
2018 - PARTICLE + WAVE | Media Arts Festival (Calgary)
2017 - VAF wildcards showcase
2017 - Early Bird International Student Film Festival

2024 - ColorBloc | On the spot interview
2023 - Flora Fiction Literary Magazine | Volume 4 Issue 3 (Fall)
2023 - Collectartwork | Figment Artwork series - Autumn edition
2022 - Florafiction | Volume 3 Issue 1 (Spring)
2022 - Al-tiba9 | International Collectors’ Art Book
2021 - The Purposeful Mayonnaise | Vol. 1 Issue 3
2021 - The Working Artist | III
2021 - Art Reveal Magazine | Interview (6p)
2021 - Al-Tiba9 | Artists’ dialogs (interview)
2021 - Milk Bath Art Magazine | Issue 01
2020 - Art Hole | Issue 07 - December

2021 - Flanders State of the Art - The Cultural Activity Grant

2021 - Dark Yellow Dot | Artist of the month - March
2020 - Smithsonian Magazine | Photo of the Day - 12.09.20
2020 - Art Jobs | Artist of the month October - Special Awards
2017 - LUCA school of Arts | Alumni Showcase
2011 - Kunstbende | Youth Art Festival - Film Award

LUCA - school of Arts | MA - Audiovisual Arts
RITCS | BA - Major Film Directing
AKV st. Joost | BA - Audiovisual Design