V • Series II

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V • Series II:

A more profound step forward, not better, but in-depth understanding of this translation between how I feel and the work I create. Going more into the "narrative" of the works, making pieces that more closely capture a moment, each with their own unique fragment.

Different materials started to liberate the mind, giving access to a wider possibility of artworks. I started to understand the interactions and focused on how the works make you feel, how they could inspire every time.

About the V style:

A visual experiment, using self-developed techniques to get an unique result. In a search to showcase my journey, my shattered self, I recomposed the colorful view of the path I'm on. Questioning what digital art & photography can truly offer, creating works that can’t be recreated and becoming perhaps a new way of looking at digital art. This limitation is what inspired me to explore further and really find ways to push what I could create, visually the new, protected by its own conception.

Digital Photography Artwork ( Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta )
Jul 2020
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