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How to portray the story of a city without the use of color and solely with the play of light, it was this thought that led me into the nights and days. As I wandered around and captured these moments, I realized the strength of black&white photography for the story that I wanted to tell.

Central to the series is the depiction of a feeling of isolation, with the absence of people the work still allows to feel their presence. The photos tell a story of  silence and timelessness, yet a happening of things seems to have played out. I like this play on still life with things that seem so peculiar that they have a story behind them.

As an artist I’ve worked with shapes , color and design. Through experiment I discovered the strength of black&white photography. With extracting color and to work explicitly with light & dark it  showed me a different way to look at a subject, and to bring a focus and calmness in how I depict the form. I tried to remain an observer, and to use the absence of bright colors to my advantage.

In these photographs I wanted to express myself during these night & day walks I went on, I wanted to bring architecture and still life together, letting you almost walk through the city alone and feel the experience I was searching out to capture. A desolated state of being.

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Digital Photography
Hahnemühle Photo Luster - Physical Authentication OPTIONAL •| Optium Museum Acrylic® •| Custom designed minimal frame •| NFT Authentication
90 x 60 cm | 36 x 24 in • 60 x 90 cm | 24 x 36 in
Mar 2024
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