Night Flower

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My fascination for flowers at night drove me to experiment with different ways to capture their color, beauty and timelessness. Displaying darkness, light and a spark of hope, this is more than just a portrayal of a flower. Showing nature in a different way from what we are used to, creating something that incites your imagination as a viewer. I believe the uncontrollability is what attracts me in nature. To capture a moment that will never present itself again.

One of my photo series from early 2018, spending days & nights in Brussels, wandering around to witness the (empty) streets. Forgetting ''time'' and making an abstract visualization of these (nightly) tours. Inspired by the randomness of our daily lives and combining it with color, framing and lighting. When displayed on a wall, the pictures should draw you in. Being timeless in different ways, these series want to capture elements that can’t be easily recreated.

Part of these nightly tours are: Light (2018), Experimental Color (2018) and Dark City (2017).

Lambda - Fuji Crystal DP II
62.31 x 41.59 cm | 24.53 x 16.37 in
Jun 2018
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