Memories of a Kiss

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Wondering what might have been, about perception, what do you see when we look at the same thing? How do you deal with endings, do you try to hold on, move forward, forget? Personally, I think the end of something can be something valuable, even when memories start to fade, sounds will feel nostalgic and before you know it you forget the habits.

It's the nature that attracts me, the circle of leafs, regenerating and starting over. When you try to move on, you start to forget the sound, then someones face becomes more and more abstract and eventually it is a vague figure in the distance.

It is this feeling of wanting to hold on that I wanted to portray, four artworks that express the battle to remain the last bit of memory that is still clear. Also knowing that going forward is inevitable, it's the leafs that grow and flourish again.

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Jun 2018


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