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It’s when two hands lose a grip, slowly fading into a distant memory that I feel lost, that I truly feel in this world of utterly not knowing. The actual memories become like a hazy flashback to a part that was lost in coming of age, that grip to a world that fainted in the absence of proper guidance. It’s with nostalgia that I try to collect these shards of a broken mirror, looking into my own eyes and feel like the look doesn’t resemble my cultural identity. Reminded by society, preconceptions, ‘’Where you from… Where you “really” from?’’ [triggered] contradicting this and fighting the semantic fight. It’s with a tear that I feel the water turn into a river and absolve into nothingness.

An 11 parts investigation of capturing moments, a sort of looking glass into one’s self and a modern interpretation of a time capsule.

Lost is what I feel when I look back, almost as if it’s a temporary roadmap to just get by. The works represent this pathway towards dealing with questions I have, confronting myself with vibrant colors, shapes and depths.

The artworks are like a hazy morning, obscuring your vision into tomorrow. Creating a new pathway into an exciting future.  I think now more than ever I want to embrace the wonderment. A work that inspires me to innovate, that illuminates and surprises, like magical realism shows different angles at every new gaze.

I felt that the work is something that could brighten the day of many, inspire those at night and in that twilight zone of getting surprised, there is an adventure of our own imagination.

Fine art composite photography
Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta •| Optium Museum Acrylic® •| Custom designed minimal frame •| Physical Authentication + NFT
140 x 95 cm | 55,12 x 37,40 in
Nov 2022
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