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The realm between known and unknown.

From an inspiration that started in 2013, Paint with light, I looked into the world without glass, an opaque portrait of the unknown..​​ This 2022 follow-up is a new step for me in the search for abstract expressionism within photography, I’ve focused on the color and sensation some situations were giving me.

I worked towards harnessing the elements of not knowing, with an almost playful approach I tried to offer my audience a quest into their own narrative of the unknown. I was curious to find moments that held a question inside of them, not really knowing what you’re viewing but yet captivated by the play of color, light and opaqueness, leaving room for you as the individual.

3 + 1
Hahnemühle Photo Luster
105 x 70 cm | 41.34 x 27.56 in
Feb 2022
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