Fragments I • Silent Memories

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Visible between 26/04/23 and 31/05/23


Fragments, Aristo Vopěnka's first solo exhibition in Brussels, delves into the inner thoughts and ambiguity of the creative process, presenting a personal and deeply emotional body of work. Displayed at the Ucg Art Box, Fragment I is the first installment of a larger multimedia project consisting of separate pieces brought together one element at a time.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is a large soft sculpture, captured in its movement and seemingly still in progress. The sheer and light texture emphasizes the temporary element of memory and belonging. Vopěnka showcases a slightly dualistic, uncompromising character through a multitude of colors and materials.

As a predominantly digital/film artist, Vopěnka transfers stills of his work into the physical world using fabric and photography as carriers. The installation includes a collage of photographs that hold and capture important memories of previous work, and delicate pieces of glass and charcoal placed in juxtaposition to emphasize the duality of emotions.

In the back of the room, a sculpture resembling an altar is filled with personal items, serving as a "memento vivere." The luminosity and reflections of light play with the importance or lack thereof of these objects, revealing Vopěnka's fascination with conserving personal belongings, thoughts, and ideas.

Fragment 1 is a quiet piece, with the artist planning to incorporate sound and performance in later installments. In Fragments, Aristo Vopěnka provides the audience with an intimate exploration of his inner search and cultural identity. The works come together as a map to other fragment installations, revealing the dynamic nature of the creative process and the ambiguity of self.

Mixed media, lighting design, fabrics.
Apr 2023
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