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Trailer Expected Soon - Premiere @ Mercerie 23/05/24 - 20:30

The work invites you into a contemporary video artwork teeming with color, dance, shapes, and mystery.

It encapsulates the inner struggle of not knowing – that moment when we step into the light, embracing a state of being, only to find ourselves drifting and grappling within our own minds. While the experiences portrayed may resonate with those who feel lost, the individual paths in navigating the unknown remain distinct. In my previous work, "Revival" (2020), a poetic journey marked by a heavy tone, featured three distinct segments: Searching, Birth, and Living. In contrast, "Fractured" presents a more fluid and continuous emotional statement. It embodies the battle of the rat race, whether as an artist, a dancer, or someone striving to break free but unable to attain complete liberation. It depicts the cage in which we reside, struggling to transcend normalcy and forge our own paths. It’s a dance towards our goals, a walk through life where I fight, strive to make a difference, and leave the world a better place. Yet, like many from my generation, I sense myself adrift in deeper waters than before, dealing with a weaker hand to play an unfair game.

The video is suitable for single-screen viewing or as a pentaptych with immotile, dreaming, drift and Perdu. Capable of inducing an almost mental odyssey. However, it can also be appreciated briefly, touching a moment in someone's life. As an expressionist artist, my primary focus is to deliver an emotionally resonant work that communicates with you and conveys some elements or all of the vision behind the art.

May 2024
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