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Portrayal of the motion of a state of being. I feel frozen in a frame, with light being a way to capture this moment. An exploration of converting my feelings of the unknown. Capturing a fragment of time in motion, the light caresses the color, the subject abstracted into a shim. A figment of an idea, of the isolated self, dwelling in the colorful abyss.

By the fascination of the tool, trying to capture a reality only existing in the camera. The series delves into the ability to capture abstract moments that live in our reality, but are invisible and only created in the camera. I explicitly try to harness only the power of the shutter, not editing the photo with the layer technique I got so accustomed to.

Turbulence portrayed in vibrant artworks that play with the perception of reality, I ventured more deeply into my curiosity in those elements that are hidden. A modern tale of searching for the unknown in a series that has the human as a centerpiece, sometimes no more than a shim, sometimes more visible yet still so unreachable.

2 + 1
Digital Photography
Hahnemühle Photo Luster | Physical Authentication OPTIONAL •| Optium Museum Acrylic® •| Custom designed minimal frame •| NFT Authentication
70 x 105 cm | 27.56 x 41.34 in • 105 x 70 cm | 41.34 x 27.56 in
Oct 2023
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