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Started with a question, an obsession of the dance of opaqueness, like a vail around the flowers that lighten my days. It’s a movement of the stationary, an expression that plays with light, color and flow, as if the flower no longer is connected to the earth. With the idea of in camera creation and capturing an aura around the flowers, my aim is to pull the audience into this mysterious motion.

I’m drawn to the idea of a world in which the flowers dance in ways invisible to us in normality, a way to portray flowers in a different way, abstracting the way they communicate their beauty. It’s this chase of color, emotion and light that forces me to explore my camera, creating unique works that were only possible by pushing the boundaries of my normal use of the camera. I found a way to express my current mood, the not knowing, the sudden changes and exploration of my time.

2 + 1
Digital Photography
Hahnemühle Photo Luster | Physical Authentication OPTIONAL •| Optium Museum Acrylic® •| Custom designed minimal frame •| NFT Authentication
60 x 90 cm | 23.62 x 35,43 in
Aug 2023
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