Standing in the reflection of absence

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an introspect into who?

As I finished the photographic artwork series LOST, I felt that I’ve laid the groundwork to delve deeper into the modern identity “maps” I started to create. These eight artworks lift off from the reflective nature of myself and its -ego confronting- search to absent elements of my persian roots. This series is the first time the artworks are meant to be seen chronologically as each “map” tells its own story while keeping the journey for the viewer alive throughout the series.

Central is the depiction of myself, changing in size, perspective and way of portraying, as a way to showcase this ambivalent position of my (cultural) identity. Expressionism in a way that embraces this dark unknown and yet as a series showcase hope, tranquility and storm in the same breath.

I think the works resemble a turbulent time of not really finding the answers I started to ask during the previous series, LOST. This feeling of being in a twilight zone is visible in the color use and the disappearing of self (absence 1 vs 8, each step changing the way I am reflected in the work). The series ends with a positive note, a colorful acceptance of what I now know is the start of a next chapter in my search to unravel the parts of myself that are still a mystery.

Fine art composite photography
Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta •| Optium Museum Acrylic® •| Custom designed minimal frame •| Physical Authentication + NFT
187,2 x 105,3 cm | 73,7 x 41,46 in
Jul 2023
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